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Vol. 20, Issue 12-- Official Newsletter of Huron Amateur Radio Association -- December 2016


President: Bill, KM0F
Vice President: Paul, KDØTKX
Secretary/Treasurer: Lloyd, WB0ULX
Activity Manager: Rod, KD0AKN

2017 VQC Net control operators on147.090 MHz each Sunday at 8:00 PM are as follows:

Lloyd, WB0ULX:  Jan 1, Mar 5, May 7, Jun 18, Jul 30, Aug 6, Sep 17,
Oct 22, Dec 3

Rod, KD0AKN:     Dec 11, Jan 8, Feb 19, Mar 19, Nov 5, Dec 10

Doug, N0NKH:      Dec 18, Jan 15, Feb 26, Apr 9, May 21, Jul 2, Aug 13, Sep 21, Oct 29, Dec 17

Norm, WA0PNB:  Dec 25, Jan 22, Mar 5, May 28, Jul 9, Aug 20, Oct 1, Dec 31

Bill, KM0F:           Feb 12, Mar 12, Apr 23, Jun 4, Jul 16, Aug 27, Oct 8, Nov 19  

Paul, KD0TKX:     Feb 5, Apr 2, Apr 30, Jun 11, Sep 3, Oct 15, Nov 26   

Scott, KD0ZSM:    Jan 29, Apr 17, May 14, Jun 25, Jul 23, Sep 10, Nov 12

HARA AGENDA –  15 Dec 2016

 OLD BUSINESS:   Approve minutes of previous meeting

                                 Report on operating activities- Sweepstakes, 10M, etc.


                        Dec   17 -18 OK RTTY contest

                        ONLY 16 DAYS LEFT -   National Parks on the Air

                        Jan     7-8 ARRL RTTY ROUNDUP

                                   7    ARRL KID’s DAY 1800 - 2359 utc

                                   19 HARA Monthly meeting, City Hall 7PM

                                   21 NAQP- SSB 1800 utc - 0600 utc

                                   21 -23 VHF SWEEPSTAKES  1900 - 0359 uct


                              1. Hand out VQC Net Operators Schedule for 2017

                              2. Receive Nominating Committee’s Slate of Candidates

                                  for January Elections

                             3.  Had to sign written agreement with SD State Fair Office

                                  for trailer storage

                              4. Set VE Test Dates for 2017

                              5. Discuss Holiday/ Anniversary Party - Date and Location

                              6. Now accepting 2017 Club Dues

                               7. Other Business

                              8. Adjournment


                              MINUTES of HARA Meeting 17 Nov 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President, KM0F, in the Boardroom of City Hall with 6 members present. 

OLD BUSINESS:  1- The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as printed in the club newsletter. 2 - Reported that only WB0ULX attended the Sioux City Hamfest; only a few flea tables were occupied and the crowd was lower turn out than in the past. 3 - Club members had limited operating activities; poor band conditions didn’t help. 4- No Testees appeared for Nov 5th VE Test session. 5 - Discussed Field Day results as printed in Dec 2016 QST. 

NEW BUSINESS: 1- Need VQC Net Control Operators for 2017- KM0F, WB0ULX, KD0TKX, KD0AKN, WA0PNB, KD0ZSM, and N0NKH volunteered. 2- KD0TKX and N0OTB were asked to be the Nominating Committee for Slate of Candidates for 2017 Elections. 3- KD0ZSM and KM0F have been working at the SD Link 147.345 site at Wessington Springs installing Remote Base towers and antennas.  4- Club members needing to renew their FCC Amateur License in 2017 are W0AZJ, KD0AKN, and KC0BAR. 5- With Regret, learned of the passing of  Tod Olson, K0TO, former ARRL Dakota Divison Director. Tod became a Silent Key Nov 12th. Many may remember his braving a blizzard to present a 75 year ARRL Affiliation Certificate to the club at a Feb 1997 banquet.

There being no further business; Motion was made to adjourn at 8:40 PM. 

Holiday Party

Holiday Party will be FEB 16th at Scoreboard 7:00 PM we will be celebrating 95th year of ARRL affiliation.


Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant - Special Event Station

DeSmet, South Dakota – Keep checking for 2017 dates


Visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant Society Website by clicking on following link:  




Huron Amateur Radio 2017 VE TESTING Dates

February 11

March 18

April 15

November 4


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SDARC Remote HF and 2 Meter SSB/Digital/CW at WS

First why is SDARC doing this?

 I. Provide a station for those in assisted living, nursing homes, youth or others that cannot afford a HF or VHF station, persons that cannot erect antennas where they live or have severe line noise or other interference.

 2. Provide the ability to operate when away from home such as "snowbirds".

 3. Provide a backup and/or supplement to the SDARC SD-Link to provide communications across the state of SD in all conditions including when there is a loss of cellular, land lines, commercial electricity, internet and the State of SD Digital system

 4. With the use of 2M SSB and Digital we can have 24/7 365 day a year communications with no enhancement to virtually all of eastern SD and also with Pierre and the State EOC. We are working on a communications link to RC using 2 meters. We know there is promise but we are still in the Beta testing stage to know how solid this will be. between RC and WS. All of this can take place with no cellular, land lines, commercial power or Internet. The reason for 24/7 365 days a year communication is that when using 2M SSB/Digital the propagation is quite constant all the time(at times it can be enhanced with tropo) and there is virtually no QRN or QRM. This is a lot different than 75 meters with QRN, QRM and long or short propagation. What is the weakness? At present we need more stations on 2M SSB/Digital but that can be over-come. The good news is we have lots of people on 2M FM and a lot of radios have 2M SSB/digital such as the IC-706 and FT 857D. It would just be the need to add a horizontal antenna and possibly a brick.

5. 2M FM can be used with the remote at WS to work most repeaters east river and voice and digital can be used. Most repeaters in SD have emergency power.

 6. The remote at WS can be used for emergency training and preparedness especially in the using of MT-63 and Olivia digital modes on 2M SSB/Digital and 2M FM.

December, 2016 HARM Newsletter

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